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Sega Rally Arcade General Information

Sega Rally Chamionship is an arcade game produced by Sega. It involves driving a rally car around 4 varied courses. The machine uses Sega's AM2 (Amusement Machine) hardware board to produce the impressive graphics and realism of actually being in control of a rally car. During the first 3 courses, you have to drive through various terrain including mud, road and gravel. The 4th course (which is a bonus course) is all mud and you only get to drive it if you finish 1st after racing the previous 3 courses.


Sega Rally Arcade Driving Techniques

After you play Sega Rally for the first time, if you are like me you will think "how the hell do i steer!". The unique feature of this game is that the car slides all over the place but once you get to grips with it, it proves very challenging.

The idea is to get around the corners as quick as possible and with as less sliding as possible. There are various ways of doing this however here i will list the most important.

Also, acceleration is very important. It is very hard to judge the best time to change gear, especially if you can't hear the engine. However, general opinion seems to suggest the following

If anyone knows of the optimum method here, then please let know. Note this is just a guideline. I rarely look at the revs, just change up in more or less 1 second intervals. After you have played for a while you will get the best way based on how quickly you catch up cars from the starting line.


Sega Rally Arcade Before You Start

Championship vs Practise

If this is your first attempt, i would advise you to go for one of the practises. On the Desert track you get 3 laps, Forest is 2 and i think that the Mountain track is also 2, although i haven't confirmed this yet. Obviously, if you choose Championship and fail to get round the first track then its game over! Another advantage of using the practise laps is that there will be only 1 computer car on the track alongside you. By attempting to follow close behind him, you will get an idea of how to take each corner. Once you beat the computer car around the practise tracks then its time to try Championship!!

Delta vs Celica

This is a very delicate comparison. Until i had played Rally a lot of times i couldn't notice any difference between the cars at all. Then i was sure the Delta had better handling and was faster out of bends. However recently, i have been using the Celica again and i am now positive that it has better handling, at least on tarmack. The difference's between the two are so small, i guess it all comes down to preference as opposed to 'which is the faster'. You can tell the Celica is heavier, while the Delta seems to zip around a bit more. I don't think any car is better than the other, you should just choose the car that best suits your driving style.

Manual vs Automatic

I personally would say use the manual straight away. The first reason for this is that it has the capability to go alot faster than the automatic, and secondly - you are going to have to use the manual at sometime if you want to try beating any records, so why not start off with it and get used to it. If you do choose to use the automatic then you will find yourself having to use the brake alot. While there is nothing wrong with this, i find it much easier to brake by changing down gears, since you will have an rough idea of your speed as it lowers rather than having to look at the speedo as well as looking where you are going! Automatic is good for beginners while they get used to the track - but don't dwell on it too much else you will find it harder to convert to manual.


Sega Rally Arcade Course Guide


Easy Right

Stay as close to the barriers on the right as possible. When the road straightens up, get in the middle-right ready for the next bend.

Easy Left

Cut inside the blue car and across the apex of the corner but not too close or the bumps will knock you off for the next turn. Try to cross the apex of the bend in a straight line otherwise the bumps will make you slide on the exit.

Easy Right

Approach in the middle of the road and cut into the bend as if heading for the wall. You will drift here, and you should exit on the middle-right of the road. Remember to try to slide as less as possible.

Bumps, Easy Right

Approach in the middle of the road and go straight, when you get to the last bump turn the wheel slightly to the right to set you up for landing. When you land you should be on the right of the track but not too close that you are on the slope. Also, when you land, control the slide and get those wheels gripping as soon as possible.

Long Easy Right

Approach on the right and steer in toward the apex. When half way across the road steer in hard to the apex and control the slide. If done correctly you will overtake the dark blue car. However this is rather difficult so here is another method.

Approach in the middle of the road and go down to 3rd as you steer hard right around the bend. Stay as close to the apex as possible and again, control the slide. You should exit on the right.

Easy Right

Just simply apex clip. If you have overtaken the dark blue car on the previous bend and you find yourself on the left of the road then stay on the left throughout this bend else the car will most likely come up behind and hit you into the wall. If you are lucky, he will hit you from behind and give you a speed boost!



Get on the right to set yourself up for the next bend. Try to go straight, else you car will twist wildly in the air on the last jump.

Easy Left (210+ km/h)

Just apex clip with no sliding. The light blue car may get in the way here so you may have to take him on the inside.


Easy Left, Easy Right (210+ km/h)

Approach on the middle-right and swing in through both bends. If the light blue car gets in the way then you were far too slow.

Very Long Easy Right, Maybe (155+ km/h)


Approach on the left, i get on the grass. Turn in gently and head for the apex, when you are half way across the road go into 3rd and steer in sharp. Slide around this corner staying fairly close to the apex. As the road starts to straighten up, straigten up the wheel and when your speed gets up to around 180 km/h go to 4th. You should exit on the left-middle.

This bend can be done while staying in 4th and you will find that your speed stays at around 175+ km/h. This is very difficult however and if not done correctly will make you lose time.


Slight Left-Right (215+ km/h)

Cut inside the car in front of you, as close to the barriers as possible. Basically you should go in a straight line.

Very Long Easy Right (200+ km/h)

Get on the grass on the right and stay on it. Eventually , before the next bend, you get 'kicked' or slide off.

Long Easy Right Maybe

Approach by the right hand side of the car directly in front of you. As you approach the bend, steer in hard to the apex. You should slide around this bend staying as close to the apex as possible but make sure you control the slide else you will lose too much speed. If done correctly you should have overtaken 2 cars! However, if you make just one small mistake you will either end up behind the second car else he will hit you.

Very Long Easy Left (210+ km/h)

Get on the grass on the left and just drive around. Stay as close to the wall as possible and watch the wall for when it joins with the tunnel, because it sticks out slightly.


Medium Left (Tunnel)

Approach on the right and turn into the apex early, don't slide or slowdown and definately don't hit the wall.


Medium Left Maybe


If done correctly up to here you will find you will overtake a car just before this bend. Approach from the right and swing into the apex, then immediatly go down to 3rd. You must exit on the left so make sure you don't slide. The idea is to stay in front of the car you have just overtaken because if you manage it then he might hit you from behind and thus give you a help accelerating out of the bend.

Another method, which at the moment seems faster is to approach this bend on the left. You should overtake a car just before you get to the apex and then steer hard left, starting a slide while dabbing the brake slightly. If this is done correctly then it should be fairly easy to stay ahead of the car. Remember to stay real tight to the apex though - if you slide to much, you will drift to the right and the computer car will overtake you again.

Long Medium Right

Approach from the right. Go down into 3rd and dab the brake while steering round the bend. Try not to slide. You should exit on the left, still in front of the car.

Very Hard Right (Hairpin) (90+ km/h)

Approach in the middle of the road and go down into 2nd about 15 metres before the turn. When you get to the apex, start braking and steering hard right. You will find yourself facing the rocks on the inside of the apex. Release the brake and exit on the right.

Another method that is faster but also alot harder is to approach as before but don't brake. When you steer hard right into the apex you start sliding. When just over half way round, change down to 1st for about half a second and then back up into 2nd. This will stop you sliding too much and should allow you to exit this bend on the right, hopefully overtaking the car that always seems to get in front of you.

Computer cars tend to 'cheat' here. No matter how close to the apex you are, they always seem to be able to overtake you on the inside! Also, they get a sudden speed burst coming out of this bend.

Hard Left

Approach on the right. Hit 2nd and swing into the apex. When at the apex, change up into 3rd and off you go. Make sure you control the slide.

Medium Right

Approach in the middle of the track and apex clip with no sliding.

Easy Left

Approach on the right and apex clip, steering into the wall is the best method because you slide and miss it and then its easier to straighten up.

Easy Right

Again, just apex clip.

Long Medium Right, Easy Right (185+ km/h)

I just go around these (and the previous turn) as though they are one big right hander. Don't hit the walls and try not to slide (you will hear the tyres screech).


Easy Left

You should still be accelerating here, just keep as close to the barriers on the left as possible.

Easy Right (210+ km/h)

This is a good place to see how good you gear changing is. This bend you should be approached from the left and you should overtake a car before you get here. Then its a simple case of apex clipping. If the car gets in your way or you find yourself able to take him on the inside, then you are too slow.

Tight Left

Approach on the right, as soon as you exit the shadow of the bridge go down to 2nd and cut into the apex. You should be able to drive around with no sliding. Remember to stay close to the apex.

Tight Right

Still accelerating from the previous bend, instead of going to 4th (as if the bend wasn't there), go down into 2nd and drive around. This bend should be taken more or less like the previous one although it isn't as sharp. You must remember to stay as close to the apex as possible on these 2 bends because it saves alot of time.

Long Left

Stay in 4th and just drive around keeping close to the inside. If you have done everything correct up to here then you should be overtaking the first placed car!

Hairpin Right

Approach in the middle of the road. Half a second before the bend go to 1st. When you reach the apex, steer hard right and when you are around the bend go to 2nd and accelerate away. Remember to stay as close to the apex as possible here, ideally just a few inches away. Remember not to go up into 2nd until the car is fully under control else you will start a slide which will lose you valuable time.

Medium Left

DELTA - Approach on the right, and cut into the apex again. When you start to drift to the right go to 3rd. Again when you start to drift go into 2nd and then back into 3rd, then 4th and away.

CELICA - Approach on the right and cut into the apex while going down to 3rd. Stay in 3rd all the way around and keep tight to the apex.

Easy Left


Just apex clip.

Easy Left

Again, apex clip - get on the right for the next bend.

Medium Left

Cut into the apex at full speed as if aiming for the wall. You will miss the wall and come out of the bend on the right. If you going at full speed then you will slide, but keep it to a minimum.


Medium Right

Approach on the left. Swing in and apex clip yet again. A mistake i keep making is turning too late and hitting the wall after the bend. Just turn in slightly before you think you should be turning in and you should take it 'perfectly'.

Easy Left

Approach on the right and apex clip.

Easy Left

Apex clip again.

Easy Right (130+ km/h)

Approach from the left. Steer slightly into the bend before going to 2nd and then slide around. Don't steer to hard, or if you do make sure you correct yourself as soon as possible. Too much sliding will make your speed drop. Also, avoid the mud at all costs because it makes you car slide out of control if the wheels aren't pointing straight!

Easy Left (130+ km/h)

Same as the previous turn.

Slight Left (215+ km/h)

Keep to the left and don't be fooled by the mud that slightly sticks out into the road just before the barriers.


Medium Right

Approach from the left-middle and hit 2nd as you turn early into the apex. When at the apex change to 3rd and get on the right

Medium Left

Go to 2nd and brake while steering hard left. You should slide round this bend very close to the apex.

Medium Left

This bend should be taken exactly the same as the previous one.

Medium Right

This bend is actually 2 bends in one. Approach in the middle of the road and hit 2nd as you steer in toward the apex. Once past the apex, stay in 2nd and head for the next apex.

Medium Right

You should still be in 2nd here, approach from the left and apex clip staying as close to the apex as possible.

Long Medium Left

Again approach from the left and steer in to the apex as you go down to 2nd, braking hard at the same time. Once the slide is under control let go of the brakes and slide round staying close to the apex.

Medium Right

Approach from the left and stay in 4th as you steer in sharp to the apex. Try to steer in as though you are heading for the wall. Because you are going so fast you will slide and miss it.

Long Medium Left Maybe

Again, approach from the right and hit 2nd and brake hard as you steer into the apex. Slide around staying as close to the apex as possible.

Rest in progress!


Sega Rally Arcade Cheats and other Information

Hidden Car

There is a hidden car, called the Lancia Stratos. This car has much faster acceleration but in return you get completly different handling. Also, this 'new' car looks exactly the same as the car you select to race with. Maybe Sega don't have the resources in the game to provide for the way this car looks? To activate it follow these steps

Bear in mind that using this car will put you on a "different" high score table.

The following information was sent to me by Neil Mouneimne

The hidden car is the Lancia Stratos - which remains to winningest single car in rally history, winning four consecutive championships. 250 were built in the early 70s - and now they sell for as much as $250,000. It's considerably faster than the other cars - We call it "The King Of The Desert"

The reason why it handles so differently is that it's only two wheel drive. Going around the corner in a four wheel drive car, if you fishtail too much, you can bring it back around by counter- steering and jamming on the gas. That works because hitting the gas in the 4wd car will give the most power to the front wheels when oversteering. In the Stratos, that same move will probably cause a spinout. The correct solution to straighten out the Stratos is to LET OFF the gas and countersteer HEAVILY. This will bring it back around - but make sure to get back on the throttle as soon as the car becomes reasonably straight.

As you can see, the Lancia Stratos is capable of going much faster than either the Delta or the Celica. However, prepare to use a different driving technique since the handling is very different.

Timer Mode

In this mode, the screen is slightly re-arranged. The rear view mirror disappears and the seconds left count is moved to the bottom right. Also the warning signs for each corner have been removed. The advantage of this mode is that, at specific places around the tracks, the difference between your time and the record time on that particular machine is displayed underneath the seconds count. To activate this, follow these steps

Lock Out

This allows you to stop people jumping in on you and forcing you to play against them on multiple player machines. To activate this, hold down 'Start' and 'Change View' buttons while pressing 'Credit' and you go straight to the Championship select screen.

The Helicopter


People seem to think the helicopter is responsible for taking cars up into the air and out of the race occasionally. However, i have seen the green car drop from the sky on the DESERT course while approaching the Slight Left,Slight Right turn! And also, 2 cars rising into the air coming up to the finish on DESERT! Whatever is happening, it is certainly very strange. The only thing i can think of that may cause this is moving the gearstick around a bit while waiting for the countdown at the start of the race. Basically, when it happened to me i can just remember moving the gearstick from 1st to 2nd and back again between 5 and 8 times. Try it, and let me know if anything strange happens!


Sega Rally Arcade Fastest Times

Name Desert Forest Mountain Lakeside Total Car Email

If you would like to be entered into the high score table, then email me your times along with the positions of various cars on at least 4 corners on each of the first 3 courses. This is the only method i have come up with so far for stopping someone making up course times, although i realise it isn't fullproof.


Sega Rally Arcade Miscellaneous

"Bugs" and other funnies

On the MOUNTAIN course hairpin, i have seen cars fly across me 6 feet in the air and smash into the wall on the other side! Needless to say, they just then go zooming off up the road. Depending on which way they land, they sometimes zoom off in reverse!

There seems to be a lot of 'flicker' of the cars, like they disappear/reappear very fast, specially on the FOREST course. However, this seems to be getting worst so i am putting it down to a degrading hardware board on the machine in our local pub.

When using the outside car view, lots of strange things happen to the scenery behind the car. An example of this is the tunnel turn on the FOREST course. If you hit the wall, then you get to see 'through' the wall and into the landscape to the side of it.

Computer cars get a sudden speed boost when coming out the FOREST course hairpin.


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