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Winboard setup

In order to use GLC as an engine under WinBoard you can use a command line like this:

C:\>winboard /fcp="glc300 -hash 24" /fd="c:\Program Files\GLC"

You just need to replace "c:\Program Files\GLC" with the directory where you have installed the executable on your machine.

Alternatively, you can edit the WinBoard.ini file. Here is an example section of the WinBoard.ini file with GLC installed for both the first and second computer dropdown list boxes, asking for 24MB hash tables:

\"glc300 -hash 24\" /fd=\"c:\\Program Files\\GLC\"
\"glc300 -hash 24\" /sd=\"c:\\Program Files\\GLC\"

For more information on the parameters that can be passed to Green Light see the Command line parameters section of the help documentation.

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