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This site reflects some of my past, present and future interests. I put them here to invite comment, critisism, interest, etc. Here is a sample of a few of them:


I have started a new page at games.7sun.com for shareware and freeware games. At the moment there is only one game available (Kingdoms), and it is in development... but it's free, so please give it a try and tell me what you think (using the Kingdoms forum). [last updated 4 August 2005]

Green Light Chess

Green Light Chess is a strong WinBoard engine that plays chess. I have a page devoted to Green Light Chess from which you can download the current released version (3.00). [last updated 4 November 2004 - new GLC (Test Version) is made available for download]

Modern Jive Dancing

Some friends of mine run Newquay Jive Club - new they now have their own site - www.newquayjive.com, so please update your links, and visit it for up-to-date information. (last updated 14 May 2003).

Arcade games

I play games in the Arcade (last updated 7 January 2000). My current favourite is Sega Rally Championship 2. Other favourites include Point Blank, Sega Rally Championship (1), and Prop Cycle (the one where you peddle and fly -- its a bit like using an exercise bike!).

Sega Rally Championship

I have a special page devoted to: Sega Rally Championship (last updated 8 January 1999).
Includes: hi-scores, hints and tips. If you want to register a Sega Rally Arcade high score, go to this page.

Computer programming

I write programs for my own interest in all sorts of computing areas, like: games, music and graphics, to name but a few. Some of these programs can be downloaded from the programming page (last updated 21 January 1998).

Science fiction + fantasy books

I like to read and currently have around 800 SF books on my shelves (last updated 20 March 1997).

About the Author

If you want to learn something about me, try my Who am I? (last updated 15 November 2002) page.