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30 August 2010

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  Sega Rally Championship Arcade

For an up-to-date table of the high-scores I have received from people on the net (including my scores), go to the High Scores table below.

However, before you become dazzled by the quality of the high scores in the table, I thought I'd list my scores!

My best championship times
-- Delta: 3:19.03 (55.60, 1:15.43, 1:08.00),
This time was achieved on machine #4 (my highscore entry name = ".T.") on Sunday 27th July 1997 at the Hollywood Bowl, Leisure Park, Stevenage, Herts, UK.
-- Celica: 3:19.46,
-- Stratos: 3:17.15,

BTW, has anyone else noticed that generally speaking the even numbered machines are faster than the odd numbered ones, and the rightmost machine is the fastest of the lot? .... or maybe I'm just going quietly mad!

The best page I have found for tips on how to get better at Sega Rally is The Definitive Guide to Sega Rally Championship Arcade (, but this page hasn't been updated since April 1996, and in fact it doesn't appear to exist anymore. Thus I have put a copy of it on my site instead.

As the Sega Rally page above is hasn't been updated for so long, I am starting a high score table here. You can mail me times using the criteria described in the Definitive Guide.

The High Scores

Please note: These times are for the Arcade version only (e.g. the ones you have to put money in to play), not the Sega Saturn, or PC versions.

Best times for championship

These times show the best total championship times with details of the individual times that were gained. The individual times here should add up to the total time given.

The dates in the table show the dates given by the people who acheived the times. If no date is given, I use the date I received the high score details.

I will allow up to 3 entries per car+driver combination in each table (a total of 9 entries), so send me your top times -> NOW: E-Mail

Name Desert Forest Mountain Total Date Car Email
AMB54.511:14.281:06.29 3:15.088 Jan 1999Stratos Stuart Bell
DUT54.701:14.171:06.48 3:15.352 Apr 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT54.621:14.001:06.77 3:15.384 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT54.731:14.131:06.58 3:15.4510 Dec 1997Stratos Alexandre Dutil
AXE54.901:14.451:06.92 3:16.276 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
AXE55.021:14.571:06.88 3:16.472 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
MPF55.041:14.451:07.08 3:16.5730 Jun 1998Stratos Mark Feenstra
AXE??? 3:16.8317 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
TIM??? 3:17.155 Aug 1997Stratos Tim Foden
AAA??? 3:18.3316 Mar 1998Stratos (AT) David Cummins
DUT55.651:15.151:07.53 3:18.3313 Sep 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
EDB55.301:15.521:08.08 3:18.9011 Jun 1998Delta Eric Bailey
TIM55.601:15.431:08.00 3:19.0327 Jul 1997Delta Tim Foden
TIM55.631:15.711:08.08 3:19.4224 Jan 1998Delta Tim Foden
TIM??? 3:19.46?? ??? 1997Celica Tim Foden
TIM55.501:15.481:08.52 3:19.505 Feb 1998Delta Tim Foden
LOU55.681:15.551:08.40 3:19.535 Jul 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
WWL??? 3:19.682 Apr 1996Delta Whye Loong Wong
MB??? 3:20.102 Apr 1996Delta Mark Baldwin
AXE??? 3:20.2221 Aug 2010Celica Andrew Morganti

Individual lap times from a standing start

These scores are individual best ever laps that have been gained while doing the championship.

The dates in the table show the dates given by the people who acheived the times. If no date is given, I use the date I received the high score details.

I will allow up to 3 entries per car+driver combination in each table (a total of 9 entries), so send me your top times -> NOW: E-Mail

Desert course

Name Desert Date Car Email
DUT54.5510 Dec 1997Stratos Alexandre Dutil
AXE54.726 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
MPF54.8030 Jun 1998Stratos Mark Feenstra
GAB54.9827 Jan 1998Stratos The Goob
AXE55.0027 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
AXE55.0221 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
TIM55.055 Aug 1997Stratos Tim Foden
EDB55.2810 Jun 1998Delta Eric Bailey
AAA55.3316 Mar 1998Stratos (AT) David Cummins
TIM55.4216 Dec 1997Delta Tim Foden
MB55.432 Apr 1996Delta Mark Baldwin
TIM55.4413 Dec 1997Delta Tim Foden
DUT55.4818 Dec 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
LOU55.50? Nov? 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
DUT55.525 Aug 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
LOU55.555 Jul 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
WWL55.622 Apr 1996Delta Whye Loong Wong
GAB55.7427 Jan 1998Celica The Goob

Forest course

Name Forest Date Car Email
DUT1:13.8311 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
MPF1:13.8630 Jun 1998Stratos Mark Feenstra
DUT1:13.874 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:13.9011 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
TIM1:14.405 Feb 1998Stratos Tim Foden
TIM1:14.465 Aug 1997Stratos Tim Foden
AXE1:14.572 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
AXE1:14.8027 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
DUT1:14.9710 Dec 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
EDB1:14.9823 May 1998Delta Eric Bailey
LOU1:15.12? Nov? 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
LOU1:15.155 Jul 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
TIM1:15.159 Feb 1998Delta Tim Foden
TIM1:15.2830 Jan 1998Delta Tim Foden
TIM1:15.435 Aug 1997Delta Tim Foden
WWL1:15.452 Apr 1996Delta Whye Loong Wong
MB1:15.582 Apr 1996Delta Mark Baldwin

Mountain course

Name Mountain Date Car Email
DUT1:06.3810 Dec 1997Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:06.4513 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
AXE1:06.786 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
AXE1:06.882 Sep 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
MPF1:06.9230 Jun 1998Stratos Mark Feenstra
AXE1:07.3827 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
DUT1:07.4227 Feb 1998Delta Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:07.5216 Dec 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:07.5310 Dec 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
LOU1:07.58? Nov? 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
LOU1:07.7323 Oct 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
LOU1:07.7524 Sep 1998Delta Bruno Loureiro
MB1:07.782 Apr 1996Delta Mark Baldwin
TIM1:07.895 Aug 1997Stratos Tim Foden
EDB1:07.921 Jun 1998Delta Eric Bailey
TIM1:07.9213 Dec 1997Delta Tim Foden
TIM1:08.005 Aug 1997Delta Tim Foden
TIM1:08.0824 Jan 1998Delta Tim Foden
WWL1:08.202 Apr 1996Delta Whye Loong Wong

Lakeside course

Name Lakeside Date Car Email
DUT1:06.0027 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:06.2210 Dec 1997Stratos Alexandre Dutil
DUT1:06.3213 Feb 1998Stratos Alexandre Dutil
MPF1:06.8230 Jun 1998Stratos Mark Feenstra
TIM1:06.955 Aug 1997Stratos Tim Foden
DUT1:07.6210 Dec 1997Delta Alexandre Dutil
AXE1:08.4521 Aug 2010Stratos Andrew Morganti
TIM1:08.4513 Dec 1997Delta Tim Foden
WWL1:08.722 Apr 1996Delta Whye Loong Wong
MB1:08.922 Apr 1996Delta Mark Baldwin
EDB1:09.1028 May 1998Delta Eric Bailey